Holiday Hills Resort should be call Holiday ***

Flippin, Arkansas 0 comments

Holiday Hills could be a really great place.Its close to Branson but far from the traffic.

Housekeeping needs some work. I never have the right amount of dihes or towels etc... plus the could be cleaner. The restruart could stay open later.

every time we go the hours are different (that can't be good of bussiness) Everyone there is very nice, but for one person. When we go to are up Date meetings The Manager Lisa Cannon is screaming and yelling, pull her workers out of the room so she can scream at them. I have even overheard her talking bad about guest when the are right in the other room. She is truely the devil and feel sorry for any one that does work for her.

On the plus side the did get rid of the really fat and loud contract girl Crystal.She was just has bad has Lisa.

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